Between Group Eigen Analysis of Microarray Data

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Mathematical basis of BGA 

Figures from the paper 

Supplement Enhanced interactive figures from the paper (Khan dataset) 

Describing how to run BGA using ADE-4 

Web Supplement

Welcome to the website accompanying,

Culhane, A.C., Perriere, G., Considine, E.C., Cotter, T.G., and Higgins, D.G. (2002) Between-group analysis of microarray data. Bioinformatics. 18(12):1600-1608. Abstract Paper

  • Our BGA paper was cited and recommended by Faculty 1000

  • Web Supplement. Interactively view and rotate the figures (using chime/rasmol).

  • Gene Selections.

  • Explore figures from the paper

  • Tables listing the discriminating genes from the paper

  • Further details about the methods described in the paper

  • Slides from a recent presentation describing BGA

BGA Links
  • ADE-4 - Download ADE-4, a multivariate analysis and graphical display software package for Macintosh/Windows system

  • Download ADE-4 for R

  • Tutorial - how to perform BGA analysis using ADE-4.

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